What is a non-priority transfer?

On Smash, there are no restrictions. Whether you are a user of our free version, a Smash Pro or Smash Team subscriber, or other. Whether you want to send large files or not, many or not. This is not a problem. 

Smash is without size limits. However, keep in mind: transfers larger than 2GB do not have priority on the free version, unlike transfers of the same size made by Smash subscribers. 

Transfers larger than 2GB made in the free version do not have priority and are placed in the waiting line. 

Basically, it's like having an Eco plane ticket. If your neighbor has a Business Skip-the-Line ticket, they will board the plane before you do. It will just take a little patience, but don't panic, you too will get on the plane.

Transfers are sent at the end of the waiting line

Waiting lines, no one likes that very much. But in this specific case, it's the best compromise that we have found: to allow our system to function correctly, while offering you the advantages of a free service. You couldn't ask for more, right?

So, to allow our servers to optimize all the files of all our users at a given time, free transfers larger than 2GB are placed in a waiting line. Our servers prioritize the transfers made by our subscribers.

How does the waiting line works

A sending file by Smash is done in 3 steps, like the waltz:

  1. The file is uploaded to our servers from your computer (upload);
  2. The file is optimized on our servers (processing);
  3. The file is downloaded from our servers (download).

As soon as the optimization on our servers has been completed, your files are available for download for recipient.s. It's also from this moment that you receive the confirmation email about your sending, then a download notification email, as soon as the files are downloaded. 

Waiting time

No doubts that you're wondering how long this waiting line will last.

Unfortunately, we can't say exactly. But, we can give you some clues.

The waiting time depends on (only) 2 factors:

  •  The number of transfers in progress on our servers
  • The size of the files you are sending

But no worries, at the end of the upload, our system gives you an approximative waiting time.

You will understand, if you want to send large files with the free version of Smash, it is possible and quite simple. It just takes a little patience. If you don't want to wait, the solution is called Smash Premium.

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