Why subscribe to Smash Pro?

Using Smash as a free version is already great. 

But in the paid version, it's even better: your transfers have priority and Smash transforms them into a powerful communication asset

The customization of the design and the waiting messages add value to your brand. 

Why choose Smash?

Smash, it's more than a file transfer service

We imagined a (super) easy efficient and gratifying service. Thanks to your transfer, you boost your brand. Everything is in your hands to make your transfers an opportunity to promote yourself: by customizing your background, logo, waiting messages. Your recipients discover your work by downloading your files and you can impress them. On Smash, your transfers are unique, like you.

File transfer is up to 250Gb per transfer and without adds.

We don't laugh with your security and the one of your files. This is why we use engineering tools and practices to secure access to personal data, using encryption techniques that are among the highest standards in the industry.

Even some of the biggest companies trust us for their file transfer.

Test Smash and approve it, right here

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