Why is it my transfer in waiting line?

On the Smash, your transfers larger than 2Gb do not have priority, they are in waiting line.

We know that the surprise can sometimes be big, so we prefer to be transparent and detail the reasons for this treatment reserved for files larger than 2Gb.

Why files bigger than 2Gb are put in waiting line? 

When you send a file to your recipient, your file is first uploaded to our servers, where it is optimized for easy downloading. Since our servers are only able to optimize a certain volume of files in a given time, we put files larger than 2 GB in a waiting line, to avoid clogging up our system.

How does the waiting line works

A sending file by Smash is done in 3 steps, like the waltz:

  1. The file is uploaded to our servers from your computer (upload);
  2. The file is optimized on our servers (processing);
  3. The file is downloaded from our servers (download).
The upload speed to our servers and the download speed by your recipient depends of your internet connexion and of the one of your recipient. However, the speed of optimizing your files on our servers depends only of Smash. 
Their optimization does not start immediately. Time may elapse between the end of the file upload to our servers and the start of its optimization.

Difference between free version and Pro version

The difference between Smash free version and Pro version depends of optimization speed for files bigger than 2Gb.

Files under 2Gb

For files less than 2Gb, the optimization on our servers starts once the upload is done, without distinction between Smash free and Pro version.

Files bigger than 2Gb

For files bigger than 2Gb, optimization on our servers starts:

  • at the end of the upload on our servers, with Smash Pro
  • at the end of the waiting line, with Smash Free
Transfer stage Upload on our servers Optimization on our servers Download from our servers
Free version No limits Waiting line if file bigger than 2Gb No limits
Pro version No limits No waiting line No limits

For example, if you send 20 GB of photo with the free version of Smash, your files can be sent very quickly. However, there will be a waiting period so that they can be discovered by your recipients and available for download.

Waiting time

Aaa... waiting. You probably don't like to wait, you hate it, maybe. 

We send you all our courage, but using the free version of Smash, for files larger than 2GB, you will have to be patient.
But we explain everything to you. The waiting time depends on (only) 2 factors:
  •  The number of transfers in progress on our servers
  • The size of the files you are sending

Bigger your files will be, longer you'll have to wait. Yes, it's a bit of a vicious circle...But don't worry, you will get out! Faster than you think.

If you don't want to wait, Smash Pro is the solution. 

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