Which role can I choose for members on Smash Team?

On Smash Team, users are allowed to use the account if they are added as guests or members.

If you choose to add users as members, you need to assign a domain and a role to the user.

If you created many domains, the domain to assign at a member is, for example, the domain corresponding to the department of the company which the member belongs to. For your information, a user can be assigned to many domains. 

About the role, there are 3 possible roles: collaborator, marketer, analyst

What differences, what permissions, it's time for us to explain everything to you.

1. Collaborator

A collaborator can send files and access their history of transfers.

2. Marketer

A marketer can send files, access their history of transfers, manage the account design customization and the settings of waiting messages for communication purposes. 

3. Analyst

An analyst can send files, access their history of transfers and the insights of the domain to which he has been assigned. Insights group together all the data relating to transfers made on the Smash account. Over a period of his/her choice (today, last 7 days, last 4 weeks, last 3 months, last 12 months), the analyst accesses the number of transfers sent, the number of files sent and the amount of data sent

They evaluate the uses of Smash for a particular purpose: for example, in order to measure the adoption of the Smash solution all employees, or to have an overview of the flow of file transfers within the company.

Now, everything should be clearer to you, if we have succeeded in our mission!

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