What is a guest?

By using Smash Team, you will probably see a "guest" section on your account. 

What is a guest on Smash? Let us explain everything to you. 

A guest is a person, in other words an email address, allowed to send files through a Smash account

A guest enjoys all the essentials features of Smash: sending files without any size limit and of any file type. 

Warning, a guest doesn't have any Smash account. They do not have to login or use a password and don't need to have an account to sign in. And that's why we love this guest feature: that's so easy to use! 

To send files, a guest only needs to access to your custom Smash page, then to enter its email address in the "sender" field. A guest enjoys Smash features, without any complications. That's it!

Easy peasy!

You can choose to add one guest or several guests. Here is the difference: 

  • a guest: to add only one email address you want to allow to create transfers
  • several guests: to add a domain name (@yourcompany.com) common to several email addresses of the guests you want to allow to create transfers

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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