What is a member?

On Smash Team, some users are called "members". 

What does it mean? 

A member is a person, an email address, allowed to use a Smash account, while being able to log into an individual account.

A member has a login and a password, that's what differentiates it from a guest. 

Each member is attached to a domain and has a role. A member can be attached to many domains and can have a different role in every domain. 

 2 different roles exist: 

  • collaborator: a collaborator can send files and access their history of transfers 
  • marketer: a marketer can send files, access their history of transfers, manage the account design customization and the settings of waiting messages for communication purposes. 

The administrator manages guests, members and roles. 


To allow this member to access their account, don't forget to tick the box " Send user activation email now". If you forget, just click on the "...", on the line corresponding to your member, then choose "invite". 

Then, member will receive an email and only need to set up a password. Then, they will be redirected to their Smash interface. 

Warning, if many user activation email are sent to the member, they have to access to the last email received (most recent)

If you need help, we are available by email and look forward to hearing from you!

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