How can I change the availability period by default of my files on my paid account?

On your Smash paid account, the availability period of your files is up to 365 days. 

You, as users, are those who chose the availability period, according to your desires or obligations. 

Without any changes on your end, by default, the availability period is of 14 days on our paid accounts.

Unlike using Smash in the free version, as subscribers, you can set up the default availability period. Concretely, this means you can change these 14 days by default into 60 days by default, for example. Then, you will not need to set up this setting each time you upload files.

We always try to make your life and your use of Smash easier, so you should enjoy it.

In a few clicks, here is how to change the availability period by default


That's easy: in your account, click on the "Settings" tab. Then, in the "Transfers expiration settings" section, enter the period and click on "Save". And that's it, bye-bye the hassle of setting the validity period!

For now, there is no way to extend the validity period after sending the file. Our team will be working on this feature in the future.

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