What is the availability period of my files?

On Smash, the default validity period is 7 days. But everything is in the "default" since if you like, you can make your transfer available for 30 days, or even much less (in paid version only)! It's up to you and only you decide.

With Smash Free, up to 7 days of availability period

After sending your files to your recipient, they are available 7 days for download.

With Smash Pro, up to 30 days of availability period

With Smash Pro, your files are available to download up to 30 days. It means: during a whole month, or only one day for example... It's up to you to choose it! By default, the availability period is of 7 days, but on Smash Pro, you can change it to the availability period of your choice, up to 30 days. We give you all the tips to change the availability period by default in this post.

Changing the availability period after sending

Small speed error? Change of opinion ? Whatever the reason, once you send it, you want to change your file availability period.

Oops...unfortunately this is not possible. But! Our technical team is working on this feature.

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