How can I change the availability period of my files?

An availability period of 7 days by default, with Smash Free

On Smash Free, your files can be available up to 7 days

An availability period of 7 days by default, with Smash Pro, up to 30 days

On Smash Pro, the availability period by default if of 7 days. But after modification, you can keep your files close to you / your recipients, up to 30 days. A whole month only for you and your files!

Change the availability period by default

It only takes a few clicks to get there:


A little advice, be strategic, for example for the free version: 

  •  if your file must be processed quickly, do not leave the choice to your recipient, leave him only 7 short days. Or even only one day.
  • if your recipient is rather technophobic, do not take any risk, opt for the 14 days!
You are free to choose how long your precious files will be available to your recipient. Please note: in any case, every day counts.
It is currently not possible to extend the availability period after sending the file. Also, the default availability period cannot be modified, it is necessary to configure the desired duration for each transfer. Our technical team works on these 2 features.
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