I don't receive any confirmation email

Emails for every use of Smash

We want to accompany you, virtually, throughout your experience with Smash. From sending the files, to your recipient downloading them. We do not let you go so quickly!

This support takes the form of an email, including the sending confirmation email. It will be sent to you as soon as your transfer is finalized.

These emails give you the ability to follow the progress of your files. Kind of like a postal letter tracking code. So yes, we understand that when one of these emails does not reach your inbox, there is a bit of panic on board. But breathe, in any case, it is not lost.

Several possible explanations

To better understand why you did not receive these confirmation email, we suggest these different explanations:

  • Check your spam folder: sometimes, our emails like to hide there
  • Our emails may take a little while to arrive, be patient!
  • Make a second transfer attempt, making sure to write your email correctly

Our emails are not delivered to you

If you've tried these 3 options but still don't receive any email, things get a bit trickier, but we'll do everything to help you.

Our emails are blocked by your email provider, as suddenly and mysteriously as it sounds. Your email provider considers our emails as spam and we are no longer welcome in your home. This problem is completely beyond our control and is not caused by a technical issue with Smash.

To be sure, we recommend that you test sending from another email address, from another email provider. If you receive emails correctly, then the solution is to change the email address for your Smash shipments.

Each case is unique, so there are several hypotheses that could explain this incident. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing quick and personalized responses to our users.

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