I don't receive any download confirmation email

At Smash, we want to support you in all steps of the life of your file on our service. And above all, we know how important it is to you to keep track of your files and to know the adventure they are having with your recipients.

This is the usefulness of the download notification, which is automatically sent to you by email as soon as your recipient downloads the file(s).
It may happen that these emails are not very punctual. Do not panic, we have the explanation.

Some possible explanations to this problem

To better understand why you don't receive this download confirmation email, we suggest these different clues:

  • check your spam folder: our emails like to hide there sometimes
  • our emails can be delayed, just be patient for a few minutes

As every situation is unique, there are many hypotheses to explain this issue. We advise to contact us! We care to give you quick and personalized answers.

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