I haven't received the transfer someone sent to me

Someone sent you a file by Smash, you are supposed to receive it, but it doesn't seem to be punctual... Here we are to investigate with you!

Some clues to think about:

  • Check your spam folder: our emails like to hide there sometimes
  • Check with your sender that your email address has been correctly entered

If you've tried these 2 options but still don't receive any email, things get a bit trickier, but we'll do everything to help you.

Our emails are blocked by your email provider, as suddenly and mysteriously as it sounds. Your email provider considers our emails as spam and we are no longer welcome in your home. This problem is completely beyond our control and is not caused by a technical issue with Smash.

To be sure, we recommend that you ask your sender to use another of your email addresses (if you have any other), from another email provider. If you receive emails correctly, then the solution is to change the email address for your Smash shipments.

If these solutions are not the good one, don't hesitate to contact us. We care to support you for every issue.

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