Can I download a file that expired?

There is no way to download a file that expired.

Why is the transfer deleted when it expires?

Once the availability period of your transfer is expired, files are automatically deleted of our servers.

Confidentiality and environment, the two reasons to delete.
Every day counts and above all, your security and confidentiality count for us. And the planet does too. This is why your files are deleted from our servers once the link has expired.
Yes, it's sometimes annoying...For X or Y reasons, the recipient could not download the files on time. The sender has invested time in sending their files for...nothing. Nada, nothing. A great waste of time!
Or better yet, the files were sent and then deleted from the computer before the recipient even downloaded them. The recipient did not react in time...goodbye, dear files!
This file expiration can therefore have disadvantages, but see the advantages instead:
  • by choosing to not keep your files on our servers, we assure you a total security and confidentiality. We can't access them, nor modify them. No malicious person can use it.
  • your files are only stored for a limited period on our servers. As they disappear once the availability period is expired, we reduce the carbon footprint. And the planet thanks you!
To avoid these unpleasant surprises:
  • On the sender side: he must consciously choose the duration, adapt it to the availability of his recipient and inform him.
  • On the recipient side: he must pay attention, upon reception of the files, to their period of availability.

With Smash Pro, the validity period of files is up to 30 days.

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