How can I protect my transfer?

Your files are often the result of many hours of work, or the result of beautiful moments. In any case, you value it very much and trust us to transfer it to your recipient. Firstly, thank you.
It is completely natural to want to protect your transfer.
As a prerequisite, it is important to know that Smash encrypts your data, during the transfer and the transit. Your files sent by Smash are therefore encrypted and as its name suggests, they become completely unusable. Any ill-intentioned person cannot make any use of it.
Then, we have developed features that allow you to keep control over the data you transfer. Your concerns are ours.
To protect your transfer, you can:
  • add a password: access to your transfer should be earned, only people who know the password will be able to discover its content and download it
  • modify the period of validity: by choosing an (ultra) short period of validity, of a single day for example, you reduce the access time to your files.

In all cases, only people with the link to your transfer can access it.

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