How do I protect password my file transfers?

Your transfers are sacred, it's never too much to remember that. 

To protect your files, you're ready for anything, don't you? On Smash, no needs to struggle to protect your transfers: we have thought of everything. 

Of course, security is our priority. We put in place ingineering tools and practices that are among the highest standards in industry, all to secure access to personal data.

Protect password is part of these practices, among others. This feature is available on Smash Free and Smash Pro. All equal for safety!

Just watch and see how easy is it to protect password your transfer:


Just click on the settings icon, at the bottom left side of the sending page, to discover many features, including the protect password option. 

Once the settings are complete, click on "done" and send!

Your password must contain at least 4 characters. 

A little advice: the more original your password will be, the more it will be hard to find, the more it will be protect your files. Do not try with the password used on the image above. ;)

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