How to see the download statistics of my transfers?

On Smash, you have everything in hand to keep an eye on your transfer activity. 

From your Smash Pro or Smash Team account, in your history of transfers, you can see in a glance: 

  • number of transfer openings
  • number of downloads of the transfer

Then, by clicking on every row of the table corresponding to each transfer, you will find a whole set of information, which is even more precise: 

  • overview: number of transfer openings and of downloads of the transfer 
  • activity of (unidentified) recipients: number of openings, number of downloads of the transfer and number of downloads of files per recipient
  • file activity: for each file, you can now see the file size and number of downloads. There is a search bar to make a research in the file list.
  • details of the activity transfer: for each recipient, information about opening, views, downloads of the transfer with date and hour. 

Download notifications are also sent by email and can give you a first indication on downloads of your transfer. At every download, a notification is sent to your email inbox.

In the case of a transfer with many files, an update email is sent approximately every 15-30minutes to inform you of the latest downloads taking place. 

With all these details, you won't lack of anything you need! You will know everything about the interest generated by your files, the responsiveness of your recipients, etc.

After analyzing all of this data, you'll have everything in hand to contact the right person and turn your transfer into a real opportunity. It's your turn now!

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