How many recipients can I send my transfer to?

Just as Smash has no file size limit, neither does our service limit on the number of recipients! Send your files to whoever you want, when you want.

Beware of abuses

On the other hand, you have to know how to make proper use of Smash and not abuse good things (it's a bit like chocolate, you know).
Smash is a service that wants to revolutionize files transfer, of any size. Between professionals or individuals. We provide you with our features and benefits, but it's like a pact. The deal is that you use Smash wisely.
If you don't, our artificial intelligence will detect your use as being unsuitable for our service...your transfer will then be suspended. Your recipients will not be able to download your transfer.
Our algorithm will suspend your transfer in case of a very large and suspicious number of downloads.

Don't forget, Smash is not an email service, so our algorithm will suspend each transfer considered abusive. 😉

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