Is there a file size limit?

At Smash, we like to surprise. Above all, we hate frustration. In life, there are enough limits, prohibitions. So with Smash, we decided to not put a limit, quite simply. So, to make it short and simple: there is no file size limit on Smash, through the free version and Enterprise version.

We put ourselves in your place: you want to send a 5go file. It’s urgent or not. Anyways, you want to share this file. Why add constraints where there are none?

Some transfers don't have priority in free version

Being able to send files without having any limits is pretty good news. But, there is a little catch. Very small, we promise.
Up to 2GB, transfers don't have priority. They are in waiting line on our servers. The loading is just as fast, but the reception by your recipient will take a little longer. Do not panic, in all cases, your files will arrive safely.

Even more freedom in Pro & Team versions

On Smash Pro & Smash Team, you can send up to 250Gb data per transfer. It's even more freedom for your file transfers!
To know everything about Smash Premium, it's here!
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