Create a self-promotion to broadcast during the file download time

A self-promotion is a message to be created, broadcast during the upload/download times of your files. It's a message to be patient, but that's not all, it's more than that.
If you have Smash Pro or Smash Team, you can create one from your account, "Self-Promotion" tab. We give you all the tips to make the most of this functionality.

There is a lot of potential behind a self-promotion that you probably can't imagine.

Two types of self-promotions to make a strong impression

On Smash, self-promotions are displayed at two key points:
  • when loading files before sending, by the sender
  • when downloading files after receipt, by the recipient
A self-promotion is the union of a set of ingredients:
  • an introductory text
  • an image or a YouTube/Vimeo video
  • a description
  • a call to action button
  • a button link
Just write a few words and in a few minutes, your loading message is ready to be distributed to the recipients or senders of the transfers.
Priority to image or video since visual content will succeed in capturing the attention of your targets. The introductory and description text must be as simple and summarized as possible, for a guaranteed understanding!
As for the call-to-action button: just aim! This is the final touch in creating your on-hold message, the cherry on the cake. It's about getting your target to click the button, to take an action. There are many possibilities for the call to action button:
  • "Like" to redirect on a social network publication, 
  • "Learn more" to let your recipients having more information about one of your news, on your website,
  • "Discover", "Watch", etc...
If you get clicks, it's mission successful for your self-promotion!

These loading messages are the ideal opportunity to broadcast and promote your news, your expertise, the values of your company ... Take the opportunity to send a message to your interlocutors, behind their computers.

Some examples of self-promotions 

The field of possibilities is infinite to create a self-promotion. Let your creativity, inspiration and imagination run free!
You can broadcast, for example:
  • a self-promotion to highlight your latest video production
  • a self-promotion to inform about the launch of a new product
  • a self-promotion to promote your new project
The more personalized, original and consistent the design and auto-promotion of your transfers, the more your transfer will have its effect. You risk wowing your recipients just by sending them files. ;)

It's your turn !

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