Customize my transfers

After creating your Smash Pro/Team account, don't wait any longer to customize it according to your work and universe. Make a strong impression at each transfer, thanks to the customization of your account.

You can customize a background and logo and add as much as you want. 

Don't hesitate to check this page of our website to be inspired of our clients' customizations. 

If you want a unique background and logo for each transfer, for each recipient, it's totally possible. You manage it according to your wishes: by adding 3, deleting 2, everything is possible in a few clicks. 

"Wow" effect guaranteed for your recipients!

For background:

  • photo or video
  • optimized format for photos: 2000x1125 pixels
  • video added with a link of the video, hosted on YouTube or Vimeo

For logo:

  • photo only
  • optimized format 300x300 pixels

To add a wallpaper or a logo, the process is the same. And it is very simple. Make sure you are logged into your account. Then, go to the "Interface design" tab. 

Choose the recipient or sender interface. 

Then, choose the wallpaper or logo tab, choose the file in your documents. After a few seconds of loading, the file is added to your interface. Don't forget to save!


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