Send my first files

It's the very beginning of your journey with Smash!

On Smash, a file transfer service, the main thing is to send files, of course... let's not wait any longer to learn how to do so!

You'll see, it's very easy and even more by following the steps we explain just here:

  • Access
  • Drag/drop your files or click on the central button to select files on your computer.


  • Select files to send


Two ways to send your files

Once the files are selected, you can choose between 2 options to send your files: by email or by link. Do so at the top of the sending page, by clicking on one of these 2 tabs.


What about the difference between these two ways of sending?

  • send by email: enter the sender's email address and the recipient's email address, the transfer is then sent by email to the recipient. The sender receives a sending confirmation by email.
  • send by link: enter the sender's email address only, a link is automatically generated from files, the sender receives a copy by email. Then copy the link and communicate it to the recipients, however you want: by message, email, social networks...

Once the choice is done, all you have to do is enter the email addresses in the corresponding fields!

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