My transfer gets stuck at 100%

Ouch...the progress of your transfer is interrupted while it was about to be finalized?

First of all, we are aware that this situation is very frustrating and we are sorry about that.

If the transfer seems frozen, it means an issue happened during the upload of your files. Unfortunately, there is no way to restart the upload, the only solution is to start the process once again.

This is a strange situation, but we have a couple of suggestions for you that could help:

  • if your transfer is very large, we suggest splitting your files into different transfers or, if this is not possible, creating a zip file from all of the files and upload it.
  • try the transfer again from another internet browser
  • check the stability of your internet connection
  • check that your computer is not on standby mode during the upload process

Transfer is still stuck? Don't hesitate to contact us. We want to investigate with you and do our best to help you. 

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