How can I cancel my Smash account?

Do you want to unsubscribe to Smash? We're really sad to know that. 

If you read these lines, let's start off by saying that we are sincerely sorry that you were not happy with Smash.

Our users' satisfaction is our main objective, so that's not a good news for us.

Daily, our team works many hours to improve Smash's performance, but above all, to meet your expectations. We love challenges.

As you want to leave our Smash family, here is how to process: 

Sign into your account (here), then click on the menu bar on the top right corner and select "My account". Once on the account dashboard, click on "Administration", then on "billing", and here choose "Cancel plan": 

Then, you'll find this window:

That's the moment for us to know and understand your reasons for unsubscribing.

The interactions with our users mean a lot to us, whether positive or negative. Let's face it, it's always nicer to read the sweet words from satisfied users. But we are open to discussion and above all, we constantly want to improve. 

We can only achieve this quest of performance thanks to you and your feedback.

So, let us ask you a little favour before leaving us: explain everything to us! Of course, without forgetting the little touch of benevolence that goes well. 😉

Whatever your reason is for unsubscribing, we really hope to see you back, you and your files, in the big adventure of file transfers. You'll always be welcome on Smash!

Thank you for being part of the Smash adventure! And we hope to see us soon! 

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