How can I delete a transfer?

To delete a transfer, that's possible

With Smash, mistakes are forgivable and each problem has its solution!
A small click in the wrong place and everything can change. Yes, we know what it is.
Have you sent your guestbook of all your secret recipes? Have you sent a bunch of documents about your business model to the wrong recipient?
It even happens to the best of us, don't panic.
At Smash, we love you as you are: clumsy, rushed, stressed, upset, hyperactive ...

So a bad click in the wrong place is always reversible. As much in free version as in Pro version!

A transfer deletion is definitive

Here is the famous solution: at the bottom of your email confirmation received for your transfer, you'll see a link "Delete transfer"

By clicking on this link, a new window opens. Now is the time to confirm that you want to delete this transfer. If yes, a few seconds later, it's done!

To delete a transfer via your Pro account

If you are part of the Smash Pro family, on your transfer history, you can click on "see details". A few seconds later, you can click on the "deactivate transfer" button. And that's it, your transfer will no longer be accessible!

Well choose the availability period

Also note that your transfer is automatically deleted after the expiration of the validity period of your files. For example, if after 7 days - default validity period on Smash Free - your recipient has not downloaded the sent files...bye, they will disappear! 
So, don't forget to give importance to the choice of the availability period. 
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