How can I send a folder?

Sending folders is now possible on Smash! You can send a set of files, grouped in a folder, in their entirety. You can also, send several files at once. 

We take the same ones and start over: as well as sending files, sending folders is very easy on Smash. 

How to proceed to send a folder?

You can send folders by selecting them in your file explorer, or by dragging and dropping them.

From the upload page, you can see a message in an "info bubble", above the central logo, which repeatedly says "Click to send your files", but also " Long press to send your folders".

You only need to click on the central logo, then the file explorer will open and give you the ability to select one or several folders.

Some specifics for sending files from Mac

Mac users, we have a few tips for you. But don't panic, you can send folders too! Depending on the browser you use, sending folders will work a little differently.
  • On Safari: you can drag/drop one or several folders. You can also click on the central logo then select one or several folders. To long press to select one folder is not possible.
  • On Chrome: you can drag/drop one or several folders. You can also make a long press on the central logo to select a folder. To select several folders is not possible.

No need to zip the folders before sending them! 

And of course, if you have any question, one or many, don't hesitate to contact us

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