How can I send a folder?

Sending folders is not possible on Smash, for the moment.

Obviously, our technical team will soon make it possible to send folders on Smash. It will be just as easy as sending files, we promise.


When you try to send folder, you can see this message. 

You probably find it annoying to have to send all the files contained in this folder, one by one, separately. And you are right, we understand you.
It is to avoid this type of situation that the alternative is to zip your file. Once transformed into a zip file, you can send this file via Smash.

How t zip a folder?

On PC, thanks to a free program, 7Zip, you can zip it easily.

On Mac, just click on the folder while holding down the Control key (or with two fingers), then choose "Compress" from the context menu.

And of course, if you have any question, one or many, don't hesitate to contact us

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